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Better Separations

When your business or personal relationship has broken down to the point where you need a lawyer, think about Better Separations.

Talking from experience

Sam and Renée have personally or professionally been through difficult separations.  We know that the journey of separation happens over time, with competing voices, conflicting information, difficult choices, upsets, stress and costs.  We’ve learned how to make it better by providing support and strategy for navigating your way through business or personal separations.

Better Separations means a better outcome, reducing the mental, physical and financial cost to you.

How do we achieve this?

If you don’t have one already, we’ll recommend you engage a lawyer and help you choose the right one for you.  Avoidable and costly mistakes can easily be made when you don’t have the best fit professional advice. Equally, legal fees can quickly escalate when you spend too much time defining strategy or seeking emotional support from your legal team.  We support you emotionally and empower you to lead on strategy.

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Better Separations will help you with:

  • emotional support, anxiety and stress
  • strategic thinking and smart choices
  • acting, not reacting
  • resilience and self care
  • confidence and self esteem
  • managing and avoiding conflict
  • clearing and resolving turmoil
  • staying on purpose

More Support?

You have family, friends and a lawyer supporting you. What value do we really add?

  • Trusted personal support that’s objective and neutral.
  • A safe space to say, think and feel whatever is going on.
  • Working together to be more effective with your lawyer.
  • As much time as you need – monthly retainer instead of hourly fees.

In Business and Life

Sam specialises in divorce and personal separations. Renée in corporate and shareholder separations.  We do, however, work together when necessary to support our clients. (clients will have access to both as needed)

Let’s Talk About It

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