• May222019

    London Business School & Gender Equality

    “It all starts with awareness. Awareness leads to choice.”  Renée Elliott. Gender Equality Event – London Business School – May…

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  • May132019

    Business Connect – ‘Brand, Values & Competition’

    “It’s not about getting there first, but about getting there really well.”  – Renée Elliott. Business Connect – May 9th 2019…

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  • Apr292019

    What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

    What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Well, having started on the entrepreneurial path in 1994 to open Planet Organic,…

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  • Mar202019

    Business Connect – ‘Parenting & Work’

    Business Connect – March 14th 2019 – ‘Parenting & Work’. The work of launching and running your own business (i.e.…

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  • Feb232019

    Business Connect – ‘Being Your Own Boss’

    Business Connect – February 14th 2019 – ‘Being your own boss’. Sam Wigan – Executive Life Mentor I guess it…

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