Entrepreneur Mentoring

Entrepreneur Mentoring

Renée is a successful entrepreneur and for years has supported entrepreneurs on their journeys. Whether you are writing your business plan to launch a business, pivoting an existing business or navigating a new chapter, Renée will guide and support. She empowers you to create your plan and strategy, and ensures you have the confidence and tools to deliver it.

Sessions your way

Sessions can focus on the BOSS Programme, your strategic plan, general support or a specific pinch point in the business. Areas for focus include purpose and vision, strategy, time management, goals and objectives, teams and communication, unlocking positivity, managing stress, and balance of personal and professional lives.

Renée creates a space for growth and change, empowering individuals to know themselves better and, as a result, make their lives better.


How It Works

  • A journey of 12 hours coaching
  • Highly tailored for each client
  • Paced to match your needs
  • Delivered online or in-person


Let’s Talk About It

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