I worked as a sales assistant and I have a story to tell.

I worked as a sales assistant and I have a story to tell.
August 19, 2021 Alex

I worked as a sales assistant and I have a story to tell.

I worked as a salesperson for fifteen years, selling phones, bathtubs, chandeliers, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, and humidifiers.

I’ll tell you how much sales assistants earn, what they had to go to to get a job, and why they didn’t approve my mortgage.

Where to look for work.

The easiest way to search for vacancies is on the Internet, for example, on the Headhunter or Super Job sites. There is a lot of work there: they are looking for both sellers of household appliances and consultants in a pet store.

Another way is to go to the nearest shopping center. There, in the shop windows, there are often advertisements for recruiting employees. Ask at the checkout about the seller’s vacancy – most likely, you will be offered to fill out an applicant’s questionnaire or will be prompted by the contacts of the recruiting department.

Who will be hired as sellers?

In chain stores with a large number of employees, the requirements are low, so almost everyone is hired. If an applicant is over 18 years old, finished 9th grade, did not go to jail and cleaned himself up before the interview, he already has a very good chance of getting a job.

In expensive shops and boutiques, the selection is more serious. Experience, appearance and manner of communication are important there. When I got a job at the Bork salon, I was asked to build up a broken tooth – otherwise they would not take it.

I paid the dentist 4,000 R, but the salary was promised from 70,000 R, so it was worth it. You shouldn’t even try to get a job in such places without work experience of two or three years.

I paid a dentist to repair a tooth to get a job.

Everywhere I worked, a probationary period was required. At this time, the new seller must study the assortment and service standards, get acquainted with the structure of the Shop – Page 4 of 39 – ug.mobile-ko-ke.store store.

During the probationary period, the employer is not entitled to pay less than the amount specified in the employment contract. In life, everything is not so: at the last place of work I did an internship for two and a half months and received a fixed salary – 1,500 R per day minus taxes. In a month, it turned out about 35,000 R – half of what I was promised at the interview.

After the internship, they paid 70,000 R – as agreed upon when applying for a job. Be prepared for this mentally and financially.

In my experience, almost no attention is paid to registration. In the Moscow stores where I worked, there were many employees from other cities: St. Petersburg, Klin, Saratov, Pyatigorsk, Makhachkala.

How much does a sales assistant earn.

I have come across two methods of calculating salaries: either a percentage of personal sales, or a salary plus a percentage of store revenue.