Julia Davies

Julia Davies

Julia has a unique sensitivity for helping women and girls feel good about their bodies and confident in themselves.

Her understanding of the complex relationship so many of us have with body-image has grown from years of study, including a degree in psychology and qualifications in breath work, rebirthing, communication, coaching, yoga and, not least, her training as an actress.

This breadth of wisdom, combined with decades of experience as a facilitator in transformational development, has led Julia to develop a programme designed to powerfully support women to build healthy relationships with their body as a means for awakening to greater self-love and confidence.

Julia has practiced in the US and UK and coached, facilitated and trained in the private, public and charity sectors, working with both the elderly, the young and everyone in between.

Julia feels especially passionate about supporting girls entering teenage years and young adulthood, as these years provide a great opportunity to instil the all important paradigms of self-acceptance, love and confidence that will serve a lifetime.

“I have struggled and failed. I have struggled and overcome. I have learnt to give up my struggle – to lay down my sword and swap it for dancing shoes.” – Julia

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