Maxim Cramer

Maxim Cramer

Maxim is a successful software engineer, designer and technical mentor with a gift for creating clarity in the complex and fast-changing world of technology.

Drawn to the digital from a young age, she bucked the norm for girls by pursuing computer science and went on to launch her career in the male dominated tech industry. Her rapid success as a software engineer has led to significant contributions in fast growing tech firms and numerous award-winning apps.

Maxim now specialises in helping people more effectively leverage technology in their world. Too often we’re confused by what technology can do for us, working on outdated assumptions or operating from fundamental misunderstanding. This results in missed opportunity, expensive mistakes and getting left behind.

Maxim’s rare combination of deep technical know-how, emotional intelligence and empathic intuition, enables her to turn this around and create ease, confidence and illumination for her clients. She helps entrepreneurs make smart decisions, guides executives in furthering their careers, and assists teams to navigate rapidly changing tech horizons. Her passion is helping others to harness technology to their own best advantage, creating better user experience for all.

“Today, the ability to leverage technology is becoming a necessity in business, career, and home life. This knowledge should, and can, be accessible to all. I find joy in creating comfortable spaces in which people can build these skills, develop confidence, and thrive in modern life.” – Maxim

What people say about Maxim:

“A great introduction to the tech world. Maxim strung together all the jargon you hear bandied about and showed how they interconnect. I felt very comfortable asking questions relevant to my own business needs. The workshop was a big help and a big eye opener.” – Jessica Kruger, Founder & Managing Director LUXTRA

“This course is ideal for non-technical founders who want to feel confident hiring and working with developers. Maxim is a brilliant teacher and gives great tips on how to think strategically about building apps and web products.” – Caroline Hughes, CEO Lifetise