Renée Elliott (Co-Founder)

Renée Elliott (Co-Founder)

Renée pioneered organic supermarketing in England, opening Planet Organic in 1995.  She is a consultant with 30 years’ experience in values-led business, nominated 50 Most Impactful Social Innovators, Britain’s 100 Most Entrepreneurial Women, London’s 1000 Most Influential People, Businesswomen of the Year and more.

Renée mentors start-ups, advises business leaders on strategy, resilience and purpose, and volunteers in organic charities.  Her business acumen is coupled with a whole person approach of supporting people to overcome fears and limiting beliefs.  Her gift is creating clarity and empowering people. She is an inspirational speaker, participating in around 40 events per year.  She is also author of several recipe books.

Having pioneered the UK’s first organic supermarket and built a cherished multi-million pound brand, Renée understands the roller coaster of joys and challenges that face start-ups, entrepreneurs and business leaders.   Two years after the launch of Planet Organic, Renée faced a hostile takeover attempt from her business partner.  She survived 14 months of litigation and a 10-day trial in the High Courts before winning Planet Organic.

Renée then ran the business for 10 years with her husband Brian and during that time from age 47 to 43, had three children.  She understands what it means to juggle work and home, and recognizes the vital balance between them.  Renée left Planet Organic in the spring of 2020 after a VC was brought in and took over the majority share.

Renée also has a specialist practice for individuals navigating business separations, mergers and acquisitions.  She coaches clients through difficult circumstances and provides invaluable strategic, financial and emotional support.  Her focus includes her client’s time management, wellbeing and resilience during and after these life changing events.

“You only have one life; spend it well.” – Renée

What people say about Renée

“I can’t remember a better, more valuable business meeting in the last 10 years than the one I had with you. I am so appreciative and as a result probably more focused than ever on the important things. It wasn’t just about mine or your career but the home life too. It was really incredible. It’s only been a bit over 10 days but our conversing made a gigantic impact – for the better – on me. Thank you!!!”