Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Build your team of trusted advisors.
Increase the breadth of experience and knowledge.
Create values-led wisdom in your non-executive board.
Benefit from the experience of a pioneering entrepreneur.
Include the female perspective, energy and balance.

Strategy & Purpose

Having pioneered a values-led and commercially-driven organic supermarket, Renée sits on Advisory, Trustee and Company Boards.  She has 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur at the cutting edge of a growing sector and brings a wealth of understanding, knowledge and vision.

Renée has sat on business and charity boards for over 20 years, experiencing the small and nimble corporate board as well as the large, less wieldy charitable trustee board.  She is skilled at creating forward motion by cutting through complicated issues, asking the right questions, eliciting responses, navigating opinions and creating clarity and consensus.

Renée is an asset on any board, making business better in an upward spiral of improvement.

How It Works

  • Support as needed monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.
  • Sessions focussed on your business needs.
  • Meetings on line or in person.

Let’s Talk About It

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