An honest review of the LEGO SPIKE Prime 45678 Robotic Construction Set.

An honest review of the LEGO SPIKE Prime 45678 Robotic Construction Set.
July 9, 2021 Alex

An honest review of the LEGO SPIKE Prime 45678 Robotic Construction Set.

An honest review of the LEGO SPIKE Prime 45678 Robotic Construction Set.

Since the day when the LEGO Education 45678 SPIKE Prime sets appeared at the 2019 International Exhibition of Educational Solutions, interest in it has not subsided. During the presentation, the set was named the most effective and tlunacz modern solution for teaching children and adolescents.

LEGO SPIKE Prime 45678: a little about the set.

The idea of ​​the product was revealed in sufficient detail by Tom Hall, a representative of the LEGO company. The set has been developed over two years, starting in 2017, and is intended for children aged 10 and over. The main idea of ​​the novelty is a replacement for LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3. As practice has shown, despite the indicated age of 8, this constructor caused difficulties in assembly.

The developers thought a little, and presented a much more understandable new environment. The simple interface of 45678 SPIKE Prime appealed to the younger audience. Having trained on it, students will be able to move on to more complex projects with the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 constructor (its age limit has been changed to 13)

The lesson plans have also been upgraded. The good old EV3 comes with 34 lesson plans available online. And WeDo 2.0 comes with only eighteen lesson plans.

While SPIKE Prime has left behind its predecessors – there are as many as forty plans in the box, which should be enough for 9-12 months of training.

Well, when the box is in our hands, we can start reviewing.


By the way, about the box. As always, the cute yellow box is made of sturdy quality plastic. All corners are rounded – which is an important detail for working with children.

Sorting trays are a bonus – each comes with a set of stickers that will help you sort the parts according to the notches on the tray. The problem of a cube lost by negligence is practically solved, every little thing has its place. Thoughtful, simple, convenient.

The drawer is large enough to hold another tray of parts – say, from a different set. The main thing is not to confuse the details later.

Building elements set.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer’s website lists 528 parts in the set, in reality there are 523 of them. Perhaps the manufacturer included bags in this quantity.

The main part of the details is made up of well-known 2×4 bricks of different colors. In addition, we found two pairs of frames (7 × 13 and 11 × 15), a set of four new wheels with high-quality rubber (they write that it has reduced friction). There are also seventeen clamps in six colors, three bevel wheels with 28 teeth each. Interesting elements are the so-called “biscuits”, of which there are eight in the set (purple and black). They act as stabilization elements.

Well, and two chic 11 × 19 base plates in yellow.

Electronic filling of the constructor.

SPIKE Prime is packed full of interesting electronics. The connectors in this case are the same as in the rest of the Lego sets. The cords are thin, flexible, with plastic clamps.

They look too graceful, but this does not affect the work. The hub is small and powerful enough. Equipped with a quality lithium-ion battery that will last long enough. The “filling” is compactly hidden in a plastic case.

There are six universal connectors, connects to charging via Bluetooth or a micro USB cable (it is also in the box). Gyroscope on six axes, there are modes “roll”, “yaw”, “pitch”.

Comes with color sensors,