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Be Your Self

Be Your Self is a workshop series that powerfully drives productivity by enhancing individual wellbeing and team connectivity.

Promoting Whole Person Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a key to performance… but it’s complicated. Wellbeing is not just mental or physical health. Wellbeing exists across everything in your world. It’s very individual and it’s always moving. What may be a current challenge or goal for you today might not be relevant in a month. What is vital for your personal health and success may be very different to the needs of your friends and colleagues.

Be Your Self addresses this complexity by empowering individuals to better self-assess and maintain momentum across all Six Spheres of Wellbeing which are: Physical, Occupational, Psychological, Economic, Social and Spiritual.

Empowering Individual Success

We teach self-awareness across all spheres and thereby empower individuals to take charge of their own wellbeing, inspiring self-determined action to avoid crises, meet challenges and pursue goals.

In this way, we enable companies to drive success by speaking to each team member’s level of need and aspiration, meeting them where they are now and supporting them to where they want to be.

Inspiring Team Success

Connected teams are successful teams, fostering the understanding, trust and respect that enables best performance and productivity.

Creativity, resilience, commitment, attraction, retention, inclusivity, agility, accelerated ramp times, better communication, effective decision making – these things occur when people feel heard, belonging and the psychological safety to take positive risks.

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How it Works

There are a series of 9 workshops. Each session is 3 hours in length, delivered either online or in-person. The sessions will be facilitated by Renée Elliot and Sam Wigan.

Sessions 1 – 3

  • build the framework for understanding wellbeing
  • establish core principles for self-assessment and faster, easier progression
  • lay foundations for connectivity and trust within teams
  • surfacing key issues for individuals and the group
  • identifying relevant critical strategic business goals

Sessions 4 – 9

  • deep dive into each of the Six Spheres of Wellbeing
  • exploring key tools for success in each Sphere
  • integrating shifts in mindset and behaviour over time
  • deepening connection and trust within teams
  • progression awareness and accountability for strategic business goals

We tailor delivery to match organisational needs, from small leadership cohorts (Senior Teams, EXCO, Board level) to 100+ team sessions rolled out across global organisations.

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