Jax Asuncion Modabber

Jax Asuncion Modabber

Jax facilitates understanding of accounting and finance, for experts and novices alike. Her passion is to use numbers to bring people together, help them to make better decisions and to transform our world for the good.

Her wide ranging expertise as a political economist, economics teacher, central banker, finance consultant to small businesses and as a qualified management accountant has shown her that people need help with numbers, in business and in life. This need, and her own love of creative play and storytelling, led her to develop an easy to understand visual workbook that imparts core understanding of the principals in accounting and finance.

She now dedicates her time to delivering these principles to entrepreneurs, executives and home makers to inspire confidence with numbers and empower clients with the knowledge they need to deliver on important projects and goals.

Jax holds a BSc in Foreign Service from Georgetown and an MBA from INSEAD. She has travelled the world with her work and served major government and corporate institutions including the World Economic Forum, Treasury Department of the Central Bank of the Philippines, and multiple values-led global investment and knowledge innovation firms.

We are delighted to have Jax inspiring accounting and finance confidence in our community.

At its heart, economics is all about personal values and how we act as human beings. At its best, it is loving kindness in action.” Jax

What people say about Jax:

“I wish I had worked Jax and the resource she has created before I took accounting!” – M.J.