Louise Piper

Louise Piper

Louise is a certified coach in ‘The Principles of End of Life Care’ and specialises in demystifying a phase of life that we will all go through but which is rarely talked about.

Louise holds a Law degree, and a Post Graduate Dlploma in Entrepreneurship from the University of Cambridge. As a mentor, she brings with her the experience of being a parent of two children, a successful entrepreneur and a high achieving 20+ year career at JP Morgan working in global financial markets in London, New York and Asia.

After honing her business at JP Morgan, Louise applied business acumen to address some of the most significant challenges society faces. She founded, and manages an International Non-Profit Organisation, which addresses the millennium development goals with a model for economic development which is both sustainable and environmentally sound. Her organisations’s approach has changed the lives of thousands of farmers in Eastern African living on at the front line of climate change, and is helping many of the poorest families towards sustainable livelihoods. Louise has harnessed the power of combined values-led and technological innovation, scaling the organisation’s impact  through the widespread use of mobile technology across the region.

Her extensive travel and interactions with people from all sectors of society, including in communities where life is more fragile than in The West, began to highlight to Louise different attitudes toward death and dying and how in some societies it is rarely addressed. Not only does this create needless fear, it also leads to poor decision making and unnecessary additional stress at a time when families and relationships are under extreme duress. This growing awareness came into high focus when both of Louise’s parents died. She made a decision to dedicate this next chapter in her life to demystifying the dying process so that we can all be less fearful ourselves and better prepared to support those we love at this critical time. 

We are delighted to have Louise supporting our community in this essential learning, to increase awareness, choice, greater calm and confidence.

“End of life is as natural as any other chapter in our lives. With information and understanding it can be as rewarding too.” – Louise

What people say about Louise:

“Louise has helped me to feel more in control and calm at a time when there have been so many unknowns and possible decisions to make. I’m very grateful to have had her guidance and insight, helping me and my family prepare and be clearer about tomorrow, so that we can be more present and together today.” – S.W. Parent and Business Owner