Sam Wigan

Sam Wigan

Over twenty years ago, when I graduated from university, I was looking for answers to big questions. My bookshelf accumulated ‘The Road Less Travelled’, ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ and ‘The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying’ to name a few. I also attended a series of self awareness seminars and was amazed to discover that much of what I had been reading about was coming alive as a reality in my life. This was an awakening of what I have come to know as ‘The Teachings of The Heart’, and so begun a deep commitment to lead a more loving, joyful and Heart-led life.

I went on to develop a prolific career as a sculptor, creating beautiful bronze statues for top art collectors. I also maintained my commitment to the world of transformational learning and development, co-founded a charitable education programme for youth, led innumerable personal development seminars for adults and built a successful practice coaching individual leaders.

Alongside all of that I was fortunate to also marry my incredible wife, herself a powerful woman with a successful career. Together we have been kept busy raising our two energetic sons (now in their teens), including significant periods of time when I took the lead as ‘stay-at-home dad’ when they were very young. I believe this experience is one reason I feel such empathy for people juggling full on careers and young families, and am so acutely aware of the need for new ways of doing and being to create more ease and fulfilment.

Helping others to unlock their own greater awareness, creativity and accomplishment is one of the joys in my life. I believe the world needs more people who are willing to embrace the wisdom and power of who they really are, and to learn how to express this more fully in their lives. I have seen that when we do that, everyone benefits.

Looking back, I can also see that the mentor relationship has been a constant for me, developing deep friendships with, and receiving extraordinary value from, leaders in specific areas of work and life mastery. A mentor is more than a teacher, they become a trusted friend and guide. For me, mentor relationships have been a whole life process and truly one of my great blessings. We all need inspiration, guidance and support in life. Mentoring accelerates our journey and it makes senes to access it when we need it.

Founding Beluga Bean with Renée is in many ways the fulfilment of my commitment to community, learning and support, assisting others in their trajectory of accomplishment and greater happiness, and having a whole lot of joy whilst doing it.

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