Sam Wigan

Sam Wigan

Sam is an executive life coach specialising in promoting a relaxed, confident state and increased momentum for his clients.

Sam’s career in personal development started over twenty years ago when he worked for, and then ran, a self-awareness organisation. In 2010 he co-founded The Young Masters Initiative, a charity offering teenagers transformational education through the arts in partnership with Saatchi Gallery. When Arianna Huffington launched Thrive Global in 2016, Sam was one of the first facilitators to be invited to join the global team and qualify as a Thrive Global executive coach. He coaches C-Suite executives, senior leaders and entrepreneurs.

Sam has a rare ability to help people quickly identify desired outcomes, understand the underlying drivers blocking them from that and to help them easily take the necessary action to bring them back on track. Together with practical tools, including for managing workflow, improving wellbeing and maintaining positive focus, Sam is able to help senior leaders regain control, meaning and momentum in their work and lives.

When his boys were very young (now teenagers) he also played the role of primary carer at home. Alongside proximity to his wife’s experience of full on career whilst being mum and raising kids, Sam has developed a deep understanding of what it means to juggle children and career and the need for effective tools to manage both the external and internal pressures that arise from that. Amid a dynamic coaching career and busy family life he has also found time to become a successful artist, commissioned by leading collectors and selling internationally.

Together with Renée Elliott, he is co-founder of Beluga Bean.

“In today’s world, the ability to continually re-focus back into a relaxed, confident state is not only possible, it’s essential.”Sam

What people say about Sam:

“I have always been determined and ambitious, achieving some great successes in my career, but I had never stopped to acknowledge that success or realise the potential of my skills until working with Sam. The series of exercises he put me through challenged what I thought I wanted and focused me enough to recognise new opportunities when they presented themselves. Therefore, when I was approached about my current role, I didn’t hesitate to accept and I have never looked back.” – Jo Glynn-Smith, VP of Marketing, PANDORA Jewellery UK