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Ease into early motherhood with support and joy.


Nest is an online course and community for thriving in early motherhood. Prepare with expert childbirth educator Allison Mecham Evans. Discover what you and your baby need to be rested, well fed and happy. Participate in a community that nurtures and supports you into and throughout the childbearing year.

Are You

  • 30-34 weeks pregnant?
  • High-achieving and growth-oriented?
  • Keen to breastfeed, but a bit confused and worried?
  • 2nd or 3rd time around and would like it to be easier?
  • Concerned about exhaustion or postpartum depression?
  • Grappling with how to juggle work and motherhood?
  • Thrilled to be having a baby, but wondering what could be so hard?

Allison will

Prepare you on all levels for the most enduring phase of your pregnancy-and-birth journey: motherhood. Nest centres the needs of mothers and newborn babies, and guides you in creating the structures that support you: a loving community, abundant practical assistance, focussed coaching and deep self-care.

  • Get organized with what you and baby really need for the first six-to-twelve weeks, so you can rest, relax, and bond.
  • Create your very own sisterhood of mothers who know exactly what you’re going through, so you’ll never feel alone.
  • Get smart on the preoccupations of new mothers, breastfeeding and sleep, and line up support.
  • Explore unexamined and undermining beliefs about motherhood, babies, and early motherhood.
  • Establish self-care practices from the very beginning, so that you stay healthy in body, mind and spirit.

The Course

Gives you not only innovative content, but also continuous community from late pregnancy through birth and early motherhood – and as long as you desire afterwards, we’re with you.

Content. Nest content is primarily delivered in the last weeks of your pregnancy and designed to get you ready for early motherhood:

  • New Story, New Sisterhood: introductions
  • Centering Mother-Baby: the babymoon and continual contact
  • Support the Body: practical assistance for the activities of daily living
  • Support the Soul: limit stuff and lavish sisterhood to promote intimacy
  • Support the Mind: learn about breastfeeding and infant sleep
  • Support the Spirit: nature and your daily self-care practice


The Nest community hang out is our online forum, hosted here at and moderated by Allison. It is our collective, round-the-clock space for questions, concerns, celebrations and sharing.

Content + Community.

Allison also hosts weekly drop-in meetings online for the entire Nest community. These are an opportunity for additional content in the form of live group coaching, ad hoc topics and special guests.

The Deal

  • Six 90-minute modules in six weeks in your third trimester of pregnancy.
  • Live video-conferences online led by Allison.
  • Moderated, online community forum, for as long as you desire.
  • Weekly drop-in video-conference calls with Allison upon completion of the modules, for as long as you desire.
  • New Dads session: a live webinar with Allison for your partner to help him prepare and be the best support for you and baby.

Allison Mecham Evans

Everything changed when I gave birth.

It wasn’t simply that I had a baby. In birth I discovered my power and in motherhood I discovered my value. Until then, I hadn’t known either of these things was missing. I had been happy before. I loved my career teaching English and my life with my husband. But birth and motherhood opened me up and made me, somehow, bigger.

I became a mother.

I didn’t return to the classroom, which no longer fit. Instead, for two years I went deep into motherhood, integrating the transformation. Toward the end of my second pregnancy, however, a new vocation presented itself: childbirth education. For eight years I taught HypnoBirthing, the Mongan Method, which had enabled the wonderful births of my two children, while also moving around the world – London, Tokyo, and Honolulu – with my husband, a US Naval officer.

I soon noticed that calm and easy births did not protect the mothers I worked with from struggling with early motherhood. And I realized that it hadn’t protected me, either. I trained as a life coach with Dr. Martha Beck to bring a wellness model not only to birth but to early motherhood. From this fusion I created Becoming a Mother, the only prenatal program that prepares expectant couples for both a great birth and a gentle, joyful early motherhood. Then I added in one-on-one coaching with women ready to realize new ambitions as mothers, women who want greater harmony between career and family, and who want better, more loving relationships.

Nest is my program for Beluga Bean.  It is designed specifically to give expectant and new mothers support where it’s needed: in early motherhood. Early motherhood is meant to be easy and joyful; Nest shows you how.

I live in Omaha, Nebraska, with my husband of 22 years and our daughter (14) and son (12).

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Coaching with Allison literally changed my life. Allison taught me that I was ultimately responsible for what I wanted and empowered me to dream big, take chances, and whole-heartedly support myself for the first time in my life. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of the work we did together. I am constantly remembering things she said, advice she gave, and tools she taught me - all of which continue to help me manifest this life that I love.

Kimberly, therapist

I have experienced Allison’s abilities as a childbirth educator and life coach. Words cannot convey how much I value what she brought to me in each of these situations. Through her openness and compassion as a life coach I was able to see my life and desires more clearly and move forward confidently. As a childbirth educator she gave me the information I needed, yes, but something more as well. She brought to light ways that I could cultivate my journey during my pregnancy and birth that would enrich my experience as a mother. I consider my time with Allison as truly indispensible. I continue to use the skills I developed with her on a daily basis. They make a difference in my life.

Amy, homeschooling mother of three

Allison’s experience as a teacher, childbirth educator, and mother have made her not only an incredible coach, but a gentle, loving, and powerfully strong presence for women in all stage of life. She’s great at helping people give birth in all sense of the word and a thoughtful, gentle guide wherever you are on your journey. I value her approach, her directness, and the breadth of knowledge she pulls from during coaching sessions. She has helped me to make lasting shifts in my life and is definitely worth the investment!

Erin, therapist

Coaching with Allison is one of the best decisions I have ever made! She has amazing intuition, and you feel safe and free to be completely transparent with her. Her coaching enabled me to break through mental and emotional barriers to follow my passion and make my business a reality. She improved my life immensely with her encouragement, coaching, and insight – so much so that I purchased her coaching services as a birthday present for a friend, who came back to me with rave reviews and hired Allison herself.

Moriah, owner at "The Resilient Military Spouse"



“Your body and your baby are trustworthy guides. Make room to listen to them and follow their lead, and the way becomes clear.” Allison Evans