Facilitator Training

Diploma training to enable women to run Girls Journeying Together Groups

Rites for Girls

Beluga Bean is delighted to advocate Kim McCabe’s work supporting daughters transition from girl to woman. We think it is important.

By clicking on the link here you will be emailing Kim directly who can give you more info and answer your questions.

‘Rites for Girls’ is offering a diploma training to enable women to run Girls Journeying Together Groups.  Learn how to facilitate small groups of 11 and 12 year-old girls, meeting monthly for a year, as they practice being true to themselves, learn about puberty, share their dreams and fears, and help each other into their teens.

Teenagers are stressed.  Many girls are feeling the pressure to do well at school, look good, stay connected on social media, get on with their parents and fit in. Sadly, many girls are showing signs of not coping, and mental health issues are on the rise.

If you’d like to

  • join a group of pioneering women who are supporting girls make this transition from girl to woman a life-enhancing experience,
  • learn how to guide girls through adolescence, reduce some of the pressures and help them to emerge into adulthood as strong, sure, capable, young women.

Then come to our taster day on 16th July, 10am-5pm, in London to learn more.

The year-long training includes four residential weeks in Ashdown Forest, Sussex.  It is taught by Kim McCabe and Helena Lovendal.