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What to Eat

What to Eat & How to Eat it

By Renée Elliott

There are endless books telling you what to eat.  This book details why foods are good for you and, most importantly, how you should prepare/eat them for maximum nutritional value.  For example, I hear that bloggers tell people to sprinkle chia seeds on their porridge. However, to get all of their goodness, you need to soak them.

I detail 99 ingredients from baobab to barley to broccoli and beyond.  Eating well is about knowing which seemingly ordinary foods are good for you, understanding more unusual ingredients and most importantly, how you should prepare and eat foods to get the most value from them.

Every ingredient in the book includes Benefits detailing the food is good for you; a list of several Ways to Eat it that you may never have imaged to help you incorporate it into your diet (there are 12 ways to eat more beetroot!); How to Use it such as do or don’t peel it, soak it or eat it uncooked; and at least one Recipe.  There are over 120 easy, delicious and nutritious recipes in the book.

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