Renée Elliott

Renée Elliott

Renée is a pioneering, values-led female entrepreneur who considers business and life to be a ‘whole person’ process.

In 1995, Renée founded Planet Organic, the first organic supermarket in the UK and now a successful multi-million pound brand. From an early age she was asking the big questions: Why do we have so many diseases when the body can heal itself? Why do we show so little regard for the health of animals, our environment and ourselves? Is there a better way?

Renée found answers that worked, and lived by her conviction, discovering tools along the way for better business, nutrition, relationships and family life. Now she dedicates her time to supporting others live life with values and passion, because as a woman in business there was so little support when Renée started out.

Renée is a prolific corporate and public speaker, an active supporter of entrepreneurs, successful author of cutting edge cookbooks, and a full-on mom. She brings hard won business skills and intuitive wisdom to all of her works, alongside a relentless joy and deep compassion that lift those around her.

Together with Sam Wigan, she is co-founder of Beluga Bean.

“You only have one life; spend it well.” – Renée

What people say about Renée

“I can’t remember a better, more valuable business meeting in the last 10 years than the one I had with you. I am so appreciative and as a result probably more focused than ever on the important things. It wasn’t just about mine or your career but the home life too. It was really incredible. It’s only been a bit over 10 days but our conversing made a gigantic impact – for the better – on me. Thank you!!!” – Kimberly White, Past President of Trustees, Junior League of London; Entrepreneur; Strategist; Yogini.