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The place people go for business and life skills.


To live your life with energy, enthusiasm and integrity demands skills that many of us aren’t taught in school.

You can achieve a doctorate without understanding yourself, find success in business but be stressed and unfulfilled, commit to relationships yet be unable to communicate well, or start a family without knowing how to nourish them.

Founded by Renée Elliott and Sam Wigan, Beluga Bean is an in-person and online academy offering positive, effective and powerful coaching courses that help you to live a thoughtful, abundant and vibrant life.

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Guiding women to audacious enterprise.

Taking you from concept to launch, this is a one-year group coaching journey led by Sam and Renée for women launching their own business or product or taking their new business to the next level.  You will complete business and strategy planning while learning personal skills, behaviours and mindsets to create success.

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Make your journey into motherhood joyful and easy.

With preparation and support, the first weeks of your baby’s life can be one of the sweetest times in your life. Join childbirth educator and life coach Allison Mecham Evans to create a postpartum ‘nest’ in which you and baby can thrive.

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Join circles of businesswomen for support and inspiration.

Connecting with leaders over a breakfast bowl in order to share, engage and grow.  Hear a woman’s honest journey of challenges on her path to success.  Partake in the conversation that solves problems, builds knowledge and creates confidence.  Hear what other women do and how they roll.

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Delve deeper with one-to-one coaching.

Find quick resolution or extra support on a burning issue.  Take time with Renée or Sam for clarity, resolution and momentum.

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Speaking Events

Meet Renée and Sam at one of their speaking events.

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Meet the Founders

“Working with women is as fun as eating cake. We will challenge you, create clarity, help remove barriers and lift you to new heights.” Sam & Renée

Sam Wigan

Beluga Bean is so exciting to me. I love helping people on their journeys to greater clarity, freedom and power.

Twenty years ago, when I graduated from university, I was looking for answers to big questions. My bookshelf accumulated ‘The Road Less Travelled’, ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ and ‘The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying’ to name a few. Eventually I attended a series of self awareness seminars and was amazed to discover much of what I had been reading about was coming alive as a reality in my life. This was an  awakening of what I call ‘teachings of the Heart’ and so begun a deep commitment to lead a more loving, joyful and Heart-led life.

I went on to develop a prolific career as a sculptor creating beautiful bronze statues for top art collectors and, alongside my incredible wife, have been kept busy raising our two energetic sons. Transformational learning and development has also remained a constant over the past twenty years, co-founding a charitable education programme for youth, leading seminars for adults, and coaching individual leaders.

Helping others to unlock their own greater awareness, creativity and accomplishment is one of the joys in my life. I believe the world needs more people, and especially women, who are willing to embrace the wisdom and power of who they really are, and to learn how to express this more fully in their lives. I have seen that when we do that, everyone benefits.

Whether you have fulfilled your ambitions, are starting out or are looking to transition to a new path, I know that we each have our next level of meaning, connection and achievement to discover.

I’m thrilled that at Beluga Bean, Renée and I are finding fun, powerful ways for dynamic women to do exactly this.

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Renée Elliott

I like to shake things up and because I believe that conventional wisdom is not always smart.

At 19 years old, when I was studying English and Health at uni, I really started to ask why. Why do we have so many diseases in old age, when the body maintains and heals itself? Why do we treat cattle so badly with no regard for the impact on the animal’s health, our health and on the environment?

I read Thoreau’s ‘Most Men Live Lives of Quiet Desperation’. Again, I asked, why? I graduated and moved to England to date a guy I’d met on a night bus on Lower Regent Street.

Through my twenties whilst getting to really know myself, I started to ask the next question. If these things don’t make sense to me, then is there another way? And the answer is yes. You can create a foundation of health through eating great food. Organic agriculture believes that healthy soil creates a healthy animal, creates a healthy you and a healthy planet. Through personal growth you can live a better life. And I am too passionate to do work I don’t love.

I married the bus guy and in 1995, I opened Planet Organic, the first organic supermarket in the UK. My mission was to promote health in the community by selling the best foods available. It’s been exciting, challenging and my dream come true. I proved that a values-led, commercially-driven business is good business.

Nowadays I’m a full-on mother, do inspirational speaking for budding entrepreneurs, teach healthy cooking and baking and write cookbooks. All of this, including Beluga Bean with Sam, is about living life to the full.

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Renée's wealth of knowledge, experience and insight has proved invaluable for accelerating the development of my new business. Every idea she brings is grounded in reality. Her credibility and level of care is truly inspirational and has challenged me to think and act differently. Anyone fortunate enough to work with Renée will benefit greatly.

Veronica Renshaw, Founder Sacred Confetti

I have always been determined and ambitious, achieving some great successes in my career, but I had never stopped to acknowledge that success or realise the potential of my skills until working with Sam. The series of exercises he put me through challenged what I thought I wanted and focused me enough to recognise new opportunities when they presented themselves.  Therefore, when I was approached about my current role, I didn’t hesitate to accept and I have never looked back.

Jo Glynn-Smith, VP of Marketing, PANDORA Jewellery UK 

I have been working with Renée for one year now and her help has been invaluable. She has challenged me, helped me build confidence and given me business advice that always proves to be excellent. Renée is truly committed and passionate about helping and mentoring entrepreneurs, not only on the business side, but also on surpassing oneself personally. I think my words are not enough to express how incredible Renée has been with me.

Rym Selmi, founder of MiiRO Ice Cream

With Sam's guidance and support I was able to focus on myself and start living life more proactively rather than letting life happen to me. Previously I had felt stuck and stagnant with the concepts of choice or possibility seeming impossible. But sessions with Sam taught me to how to shift out of old paradigms, change my perspective, connect with what I wanted and how to go for it.  His constant positivity and belief in me was infectious and I am more confident, grounded and calm than I have been in a long time. Now I live a life I choose, one that is full of focus, freedom and  joy.

Jess, Associate Director



“We learn to take care of ourselves so that we can better help take care of others.” Sam Wigan