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Beluga Bean Academy equips you with business and life skills through in-person and on-line connection, courses and support.

If you want to achieve your goals, create ease and find happiness, you may not have been taught what you need at school or learned everything necessary at home. For example, are you:

  • Experiencing overwhelm at work and desire more ease?
  • Unable to conceive and looking for solutions with support?
  • Launching a business and need a strategic business plan?
  • Managing people and want better communication?
  • Being a parent and wondering how?

To live a happier, fulfilled and more prosperous life sometimes requires new learning.

The Academy provides this learning within an enlightened community, exploring critical areas of your wellbeing such as physical, occupational, economic, psychological, social and spiritual.

Enjoy access to a variety of formats to match your needs – from brief online learning journeys to lengthy in-person courses. Go at the pace you choose, with support when and where you want it.

Join Beluga Bean Academy for a thoughtful, abundant and vibrant life.


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Master business and life skills


We provide in-depth courses that address a range of business and life skills. Join The Academy for a specific course, but enjoy access to ALL courses and content. Complete an on-line programme and then join groups for face-to-face learning in the areas where you want to develop.

Join others for real conversations


Our in-person and on-line Connect events are roundtable conversations facilitated by experienced mentors. We discuss business, relationships, health, motherhood and more. Join our Connect events to hear how others roll, share ideas and create support.

Work with mentors for focussed results


One-to-one mentoring provides concentrated support either in-person or on-line. Accelerate your journey with ease and clarity. Single sessions or on-going programmes – get as much guidance as you need from people who can support, when and where you want it.

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