What our clients say

“I am thoroughly grateful to Renée and Sam for introducing us to the BeYourSelf workshop series. At a time when it has been so important to motivate, encourage and understand the needs of our people, BeYourSelf has provided an opportunity for a group to come together under the expert guidance of Renée and Sam to take the time they need to unpack what’s important professionally and personally in their lives. The feedback from the group has been superb without exception and as part of our organisation’s wellbeing strategy moving forward, BeYourSelf has already delivered significant value for our people, our culture and our business.”

Emma Johnson

CEO, Seven Hills

“I have been highly impressed by Renée and Sam’s ability to facilitate self-awareness and the value this creates both personally and professionally. BeYourSelf offers an engaging, whole-person approach that speaks to the needs of high achieving teams and ambitious leaders operating in a competitive and demanding world. My own experience has been extremely positive and I’ve seen that by giving people the tools to better understand themselves, Renée and Sam can empower teams to regain control, attain personal and professional goals, and to have a richer, more rewarding experience as they do so.”

Naomi L’Estrange

Managing Director, 2020 Trustees

“Bringing Sam and Renée into our business has been a huge asset to our people. They have been able to bring teams together and unlock the potential of our brilliant individuals. This is so important, especially when there’s pressure in work or personal life. They help inspire the inner resources we each have to find the best answers, be our best selves, show up for each other and move forward with purpose and confidence. I am personally very pleased to have their expertise and support, helping to drive our positive culture of inclusivity, wellbeing and success.”

Laura Hagan

Chief HR Officer, Tate & Lyle

“To be honest, with a young family and the intensity of our work schedules, I was sceptical that I could even make space for the BeYourSelf programme. However, I’m extremely glad that I did. Not only did I receive enormous value from the exercise in self-reflection, I also found a deeper appreciation and connection with my colleagues. Sam and Renée are brilliant at creating a space for us to reconnect with what is most essential and discover the tools we need to stay on purpose at work, home and in life generally. What I loved about the series is that it provides a framework for understanding oneself, rather than being a prescription for what we should do. In this way, I gained valuable insights that have delivered immediate positive improvements but also support ongoing gains into the future. I highly recommend this programme and look forward to doing more with Sam and Renée.”

Christian James

Managing Director, Guy Carpenter

“Jesper Brodin, CEO & President – Ingka Group (IKEA) and his team were blown away, not just by the ideas and calls to action generated, but also by the fact that you so genuinely showed up to help them rethink innovation in a way that drives positive impact socially, environmentally, and financially. None of this would be possible without remarkable mentors like you.”

Colman J. Chamberlain

Global Managing Director, Unreasonable

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