BeYourself for Students

Growing confidence to live and learn well.

For Students, BeYourSelf is the critical self-knowledge that promotes wellbeing across every facet of student life that you take with you into the world after university.

By developing a framework for self awareness, students access their own inner resources, wisdom and self-confidence, improving their ability to respond to shifting internal and external pressures as they learn to thrive.

Our series of workshops also promotes connectivity and trust within the student community. Peer to peer support is encouraged, a culture of belonging nurtured and crises avoided.

BeYourSelf can be tailored for faculty and students alike, as well as for small group or whole community rollouts.

BeYourSelf for Students promotes

  • self-confidence
  • self-awareness
  • wellbeing
  • motivation
  • meaning and purpose
  • inclusivity and belonging
  • peer-to-peer support
  • connection and community
  • resilience
  • inspiration
  • cultures of success
  • visioning your future
BeYourSelf for Students is a year long programme of learning faciltated by Renée Elliott. The programme comprises 9 x 3hour workshops over the year, creating new paradigms of self-awareness and wellbeing. The series can be tailored to meet individual university contexts and is scaled for large cohort roll outs.

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