BeYourself for Teams

Your people are your greatest asset.

For Teams, BeYourSelf is a transformational programme of self-awareness, increasing individual Wellbeing, Agency and Leadership. Team members learn to better understand themselves and access their full potential, empowering them to respond in new and more effective ways to the ever-shifting demands of work and life.

When teams do this, the business grows: wellbeing crises are avoided, teams are more connected, everyone experiences more meaning and purpose in what they do.

Moreover, there is greater energy, ease and momentum in the business. People feel empowered, communication improves, culture transforms.

BeYourSelf is delivered as a series of workshops designed to embed real transformation over time. The series can be tailored for high-level, leadership cohorts or scaled for larger group, whole organisation roll outs.

BeYourSelf for Teams promotes

  • self-confidence, agency and leadership
  • ability to identify priority and take action
  • better communication
  • deeper purpose, meaning and motivation
  • resilience and avoiding crises
  • empathy, understanding, inclusivity
  • greater sense of calm
  • happier, healthier and more productive business
BeYourSelf for Teams is a year long programme of transformation facilitated by Renée Elliott. The programme comprises 9 x 3-hour workshops delivered over the year, creating new paradigms of self-awareness, agency and wellbeing. The series is designed for high level, small group, leadership cohorts as well as scaleable for whole organisation, large group roll outs.

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