BeYourself for Entrepreneurs

You at the heart of your business.

For Entrepreneurs, BeYourSelf is strategic business planning integrated into a journey of personal discovery and empowerment. You’ll create the vision of where you want to be and then build the plan, understanding and confidence to get you there.

BeYourSelf for Entrepreneurs is highly bespoke, expert support delivered over one to three years. We begin with BOSS, Business Owners Support & Strategy, where you build your strategic plan. The second year supports you to implement that plan, creating structure, priorities and momentum.

The third year is BeYourSelf for a year of embedding self awareness and personal effectiveness as you power forward in your business.

Through this deep dive into your business and who you are at the heart of it, you will transform both internal and external paradigms to better align with what you want to create. You will discover new ways of Being and Doing that empower you to become the leader you aspire to be and grow the business you were born to build.

BeYourself for Entrepreneurs promotes

  • strategic business planning
  • defining and attaining goals
  • self-confidence and business savvy
  • focus, priority and effective time management
  • enthusiasm, vitality and momentum
  • powerful selling
  • healthy relationships and good communication
  • collaboration
  • taking care of self
  • positive internal and external paradigms
  • personal and professional success
  • clarity of purpose and effective boundaries
BeYourSelf for Entrepreneurs is a long term mentor relationship. As a journey of 1 – 3 years this mentoring programme delivers business and personal transformation through highly tailored, monthly meetings paced to suit client needs.

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