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Thanks, Renée & Sam


Guiding women to audacious enterprise.


As a group of women you will walk this road together, creating a community of connection and support. You will become one of the powerful, innovative women pushing through her boundaries and reaching for her dream.

Are You

  • Recently graduated and keen to avoid a humdrum career?
  • Stuck in The City whilst dreaming of your own business?
  • Part way to launching but want support and community?
  • Recently launched and ready to pivot?
  • A mum seeking to start a new enterprise?

We Will

Take you on a one-year journey of launch and self-discovery. Surrounded by multiple halos of support and encouragement, Renée and Sam will guide you through the fundamentals of your business planning and strategy whilst also equipping you with the personal skills, behaviours and mindsets to powerfully launch your business for sustained success.

  • Clarify your vision
  • Facilitate your journey
  • Set goals and priorities
  • Boost confidence
  • Inspire enthusiasm and motivation
  • Unlock creativity and expand possibility
  • Deepen business planning savvy
  • Remove barriers
  • Make best use of available time
  • Create greater ease in the process
  • Become more strategic and efficient
  • Complete your business plan
  • Be practical and on purpose
  • Stay connected with the joy of your vision

The Course

Starting a business is a whole person process, so each business plan section of the course is paired with a personal growth segment. Renée and Sam will cover the following:

  • Define It & Motivation
  • Build It & Goal Setting
  • Values & Beliefs
  • Customers & Market
  • Competition & Taking Care
  • Brand & Creativity
  • Marketing & Networking
  • Finance & Accountability
  • Completion & Celebration

The Deal

  • Year long programme in 9 modules.
  • One seminar day a month, 10am – 4.30pm. Central London venue.
  • One live webinar with Sam & Renée each month.
  • Additional halos of support to nurture your success.
  • Beluga Bean business plan template.

You can be at any stage in your business launch or re-launch, from seeds of an idea to established business. Your business or idea can be in any sector, service or product.

The course fee is £4,000 + vat. For more info make your enquiry now.
Dates of seminar days: Jan 11, Feb 8, March 8, May 10, June 14, July 12, Sept 13, Oct 11, Nov 8.

Your Coaches

Renée is a successful, value-led, female entrepreneur, who pioneered organic supermarketing in the UK in 1995.

As well as everything she achieved at Planet Organic, Renée has also volunteered in the Soil Association since 1999, where she is recognised as a clear thinker.  A small-town American girl, Renée demonstrates that grit and determination are more important than education and talent.

She believes in doing the work you love, spending a life of fulfilment and giving back to the world.

In recognition of her work, Renée has received many awards over the years, from ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ when she graduated from secondary school to ‘Britain’s 100 Most Entrepreneurial Women’ in 2007 to ’50 Most Impactful Social Innovators’ in 2017.

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Sam Wigan is an executive life coach, facilitator, and educational programme designer with a 20 year history working in self awareness and personal development.

In 1997 he started out as an assistant for Insight Seminars and went on to become City Director in London, running self awareness seminars, small group trainings and also coaching individuals.

He did all of this whilst building a prolific career as a sculptor, selling internationally and being commissioned by top UK art collectors.

When children arrived Sam chose to be ‘stay at home dad’ for the early years, giving him a profound insight into the challenges of juggling children and career.

During this time he also co-founded The Young Masters Initiative, a transformational education charity run at Saatchi Gallery which helped teens utilise their creativity to achieve life goals.

For the past 5 years Sam has been a full time executive life coach, specialising in assisting women executives and entrepreneurs.

His area of expertise is helping people to identify what they want, increasing confidence, expanding possibility, resolving barriers to accomplishment, and bringing ease to the process.

He has an ability to quickly identify core patterns and help shift focus into what works. His approach is compassionate, practical and open-hearted.

More recently, Sam was invited to join Arianna Huffinton’s team at Thrive Global as a training facilitator, helping organisations enhance performance and productivity by focussing on whole person well being.

He is co-founder of Beluga Bean.

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“When you first meet Sam and Renée you know instantly you like them. Clearly they both have a wealth of experience but its more than that - you feel guided and held.  From this safe space comes an overwhelming conviction to give it all a go - to succeed or change your direction - no-one will fail at Launch.  You may be wanting to change the world or just change your life.  Sam and Renée help you feel that it is all possible and each participant in the group is equal.

After just three hours with Sam and Renée's insightful, challenging and thought provoking guidance I felt a powerful assurance to change my business plan. What was a fledgling drinks brand, 24 hours later became a global hub for numerous new brands.  Launch has already given me the clarity and confidence to grow my business, articulate it and commit it to paper.  Suddenly a ridiculous dream feels possible and I haven't stopped buzzing since."

Kate Prince, Founder,

"I consider Launch to be my surrogate soul-quenching family as I dive into an alien world of business and enterprise. Sam and Renée have handpicked such a diverse, passionate group of women and their gentle yet determined shepherding will guide us to our destinations. This is an arena for life coaching, business planning and most importantly this is an exciting journey that we will make individually and as a group. Tears and laughter together.”

Dr Anita Sugavanam, Founder, Expert MediSwap

"After my first month on the Launch program one of the most positive aspects has been how well the group has come together to create a support network of entrepreneurial women. As an independent process a start-up can be quite an individual enterprise, and its great to have a group of like-minded women working on projects at the same time and willing to help each other: the groups within the course are a particular strength of the program. Sam and Renee offer a wealth of expertise, and their passion and commitment to personally developing each member of the program is clear. Another aspect I particularly appreciate is that the intake is not too large; you definitely feel like you’re receiving a personal learning experience."

Felicity Blackburn, Founder, Metamood



“Learn. Earn. Return. This is life’s journey. Uncover the jewels within you. Identify, polish and profit from them. Then give them away to others.” Renée Elliott